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        Set design, research and development, production, sales
        As one of theHigh-tech enterprise

        Service hotline


        Hot search

        Hot keywords:

        core product

        Specializing in high quality transformer and inductor components

        Precision electronic and inductance components

        Specializing in high quality electronic transformer, high frequency transformer, high voltage transformer, SMD inductor, color ring inductor, magnetic ring inductor, filter, common mode coil and other UL certified transformer, safety transformer.


        Our transformers have high efficiency, small size and light weight FOR DETAILS


        Our energy-saving transformers meet the needs of customers to reduce more energy consumption FOR DETAILS


        Environmental protection type of transformer, environmental protection, pollution - free role FOR DETAILS

        CHIP SEN



        Strict management, low consumption, high efficiency


        Years of production experience

        Innovative technologies in pursuit of better products
        • Years of focus on the development, design and production of high frequency transformer, magnetic ring coil and other electronic transformers
        • Since 2000, we have provided on-site solutions for different customers and requirements
        • For customers to customize the safety transformer, to create different products
        Contact us86-769-89308858


        Raw material inspection

        Skeleton, magnetic core incoming inspection
        selected pure copper wire


        Sophisticated technology

        Precision automatic mechanical operation
        ensure the accuracy of inductance standard


        The appearance of clean

        Transformer overall appearance
        .IHNMA .IHNMA_text>pprocess performance, light, bright, length and size in line with international standards


        Product testing

        Full inspection of finished products before packaging
        (internal pressure test of leakage inductance)

        Certified by CQC China quality certification center

        IAF international recognized BBS certification

        ROHS certified

        Certified by the royal accreditation council

        ThroughISO9001 quality management systemandUL、CQCand other international certification

        Our products are used in various industries, a number of international certification, honest reputation


        Create more value for customers and society

        - Home appliance -

        - Industrial machinery -

        - Electromechanical -

        - LED lighting -

        - Digital -

        - Security -


        ABOUT US

        know about CHIPSEN

        Vision: to become a global brand supplier of transformer industry

        Chipsen Electronics Technology CO., LTD

        Founded in 2000, is a collection of design, research and development, production, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises.

        ? ?Founded in 2000, ?Chipsen Electronics is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and sales.

        ? Specializing in high quality electronic transformers, high frequency transformers, high voltage transformers, chip inductors, color ring inductors, magnetic loop inductors, filters, common mode coils and other UL certified transformers, safety transformers; production and development of various types of toggle switches , boat switch, tact switch, push button switch, blade switch, vibration switch, micro switch, DC \ AC socket, and other series of more than 500 kinds of products are produced and sold. The main markets are Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, the United States and the European Union. And other countries and regions.

        ? Customers are mainly concentrated in the fields of home appliances, electromechanical, industrial machinery, LED lighting, digital, security, and the world's top 500 companies. The products have passed UL, CQC, RoHS and other safety certifications to ensure the safety and reliability of the products. The company has obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.

        ? With excellent management team, professional R&D team, huge production scale, good after-sales service and perfect management system, the company constantly accumulates reputation and creates its own market position in the competition of the market, while flexible technical services meet different requirements. The development needs of customers in different periods.

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        Enterprise honor

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        Service hotline


        Company team

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        Group photo of customers

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        News Center

        Welcome to our real-time news
        Company news More>
        Perform the following steps when handling transformer oil Perform the following steps when handling transformer oil 1. Pressure filtration + Details
        20[field:pubdate function=strftime('%y-%m-%d',@me)/]
        Industry information More>

        Since it's here, leave something

        To serve you better

        Waiting for your call: 86-769-89308858!


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